Sunday, May 29, 2016

5/29/2016 - A Post to all while I'm under the knife

The beauty of technology is helping to make us feel more connected and more supported.  Many of you have reached out to add your support to our on-line coordinated support site, Lots-a-helping-hands.  If you have not and you want to, please navigate to the link:

I'm able to write this post now hours ahead of the surgery, and schedule it for when I go under.  Like a new age message in a bottle.

I can tell you already that my family and friends, that closely surround me, will be exhausted.  I can tell you that I will be in pain (after having an organ taken out when I was 7).  I'll can tell you that I'll be grumpy, groggy, and I likely won't feel like doing much.

I hope my kids understand and do not get upset with me, I know they need their daddy, and I know my wife needs her husband.  That's why I need each of you to step up as best you can while I can't.

The out-pour of help is great, the texts, the e-mails, and the meals.....just keep in mind, this is a marathon.  When summer picks up and you all are enjoying it ... we would love to be carefree and healthy to enjoy it with you.  If we can't this year, we at least want to be smiling with you all.  Just check in with us, share photos of your kids smiling, eating ice cream, call Tessa to check to see if she's doing ok.  I mean that.  Go ahead, use your google calendar to setup a random reminder or two over the next 3 months to ping her and talk.  I'm challenging you to that.

As for me, Tessa can attest that I've got a pile of 10 books or so that I need to get through, several shows I can binge watch, and need to keep as strong and healthy as I can.  I will likely try to isolate myself until my immuno-suppressant meds and I meet at an agreeable place and stabilize over the coming months.  I will be very cautious of visitors and seeing if I can keep my kids as healthy as possible.  If our kids get sick then I will need to be isolated from them too.  I anticipate this to be the most crushing when I recover.  Don't take it personally, it's all business.

To my mother, father, and sister:
I love you all more than you know and appreciate everything you have offered to me over time.  How caring and understanding you all have been for all the medical crap I've had to deal with.  I know it's upsetting to you all but you've been good sports and life has actually played out swimmingly well minus this setback.....such a far cry from what I thought might happen when I was 7.  I'm going to fight this as battle as best I can.  Keep Tessa Surrounded with your love, I'm so happy you're in our neighborhood now.

To Tessa, Leila, Eli:
You all mean the world to me.  God willing, we'll all get through this together.  They say the odds are way in my favor and so we have to believe in that and trust the skilled hands of the surgeons and hospital workers.  I know it's hard when we want to control things, but we can't.  So, we focus on things we can.  Tessa, reminder to setup kids doctors so other care takers can take them to appointments if needed.  Lean on my family and yours, lean on Lara, lean on Tita Shelly and GG, lean on all of those folks who are strong while it's hard for you.  They will keep us all afloat.

To change your organ donation status (Thanks Morgan!):


  1. We love you Matthew and Tessa, Eli and Leila! ❤️πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

  2. Sending lots of prayers and thoughts of strength and health.

  3. Love, prayers, & positive vibes!

  4. You've got Central Illinois in your corner, guys...prayers coming your way!!!

    Ken and Jill Kasprzak and family.

  5. I reread this again this morning. Matt, your strength is beyond anything imaginable. You are so admired and loved. Keep up your progress, as I have heard you are awake now. Every baby step is a giant leap in your recovery. I will be out in a few weeks and look forward to seeing you all. God has his arms around you... Prayers from many many prayer partners in Jasper. Sarah