Saturday, May 28, 2016

5/28/2016 - The an plane in O'Hare....delayed

Around lunch, the surgeon came in to tell me that the organ donor harvesting team had not yet assembled to remove the organs (they harvest many organs from the donor to save as many people as possible).  They anticipate that to start at 11pm EST on 5/28.  With the removal taking some hours, and then the liver needing a biopsy, I'm scheduled to be on the OR table at 5AM 5/29.  Of course, any or all of this is still subject to change.

The best news is that I was able to eat lunch (up to this point I was Starvin' Marvin).  My metabolism has been geared up because I played soccer night before last (crazy to think that), and I didn't eat for 14 hours.  Lunch is in my belly now and I've been told I can have a light dinner which I'm excited about too. Tessa got me some dark chocolate so I'm all set to watch the Champions League final from my bed at the hospital.  

The kids are able to come and visit so I can see them before I get too beat up and so I can try again to explain what's going on to them.

Thanks for your continued notes, thoughts, and prayers as we wait. (Also, thank you all for signing up on the site listed in the previous blog post).


PS - Funny or Not Funny?  When the nurse was checking me in last night asking what valuables I had, the mood was pretty dark.  I said calmly, Laptop, Cell Phone, Charging cords, and $25,000 in cash.  She shot a look over at me and I was wife was not amused but I was laughing at it.

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  1. I find that hilarious :). Hope no one steals your Bentley in their (paid I know!) parking lot this time, either...