Sunday, July 19, 2015

7/19/2015 - Let's get ready to ruuuuumble.....

So here we are, the night before my next procedure.  I'm not to eat anything after midnight so I managed to have a burrito this evening to make sure I don't stave for calories over the next couple of days.  Actually, you'd be surprised, the Georgetown hospital has french toast that's made from croissants.  It's not in the standard menu but the cafeteria where the doctors eat has it, and Tessa has been known to bring it to me.

I'll check in at 6:30am tomorrow, "ground floor of the CCC".  People at the hospital love to sling around names thinking that it might make being in a hospital somehow more cool (which it does not).  I'll get tagged with my wrist band, and head down to interventional radiology to get my IV set and strip down to those highly trendy hospital gowns and clown socks that always fit up to size 12 feet (I'm size 13.5 so they look even more goofy).  Pray for no wind since they do not let me wear underwear.  Last time, I came out of the changing room swinging my underwear around and yelled out, "let's get this party started".  I definitely got some laughs.

If there is one thing that I've learned from dealing with people; nurses, doctors, the mail man, or the dreaded Verizon phone rep, it's that you can win people over with humor and make their day better.  When you do, they'll do whatever they can to smile with you or dish the sass right back.  That always makes me happy and takes a little of the uneasiness out of the discussion / situation.  I challenge you to try to crack someone this week who you think you can't break down.

(Just 36 minutes to snack or grab a drink for anyone counting)

I've been taking some time to grab go-pro videos here and there when we head in to the hospital or doctors office.  Not the most entertaining footage but I'll work on trying to post something if I can.

Here is wishing you all good health and a happy start to the work-week.

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