Monday, December 21, 2015

12/16/2015 - Transplant Market Update

I am always asking where I stand on the transplant list and it's hard for doctors to tell me because it's squishy depending on bloodtype, etc.  On Wednesday Dec 16th, Georgetown Hospital did 3 liver transplants.  I was able to get some information:

Adult - Blood Type B
Adult - Blood Type O
Pediatric - Blood Type O

I also heard through the rumor mill that Eddie Island a transplant surgeon who I met with for my initial transplant meeting, has resigned.  I don't know the details or where he will be going but a little saddened to hear.  I know Dr Tom Fishbeine is still there and he's my #1 choice but I can't control
who I get.

The other surgeons are Dr. Matsumoto, Dr. Girlanda, Dr. Desai, Dr. Hawksworth, and Dr. Kroemer.  I was told that they usually they will come in and speak with me prior to the surgery, so I will have a brief chance to meet the surgeon prior to the operation.

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  1. Matt - still waiting for the good news that you have a donor. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas - love the Christmas Card BTW. So cute. Best wishes to you all!!