Thursday, September 24, 2015

9/24/2015 - Where are we now? An update from Management

It's been a while since I've added any sort of post and I owe it to you all to keep you up to date.

I'm still here, still enjoying family life, and still playing soccer (and yes, still working).  I'm in a holding pattern until my next set of tests to see what the tumor twins are up to in my liver.

Matt's Stats:
Blood Type: A+
Current MELD score: 25 (set on Aug 18th)
Next MELD score: 28 (set on Nov 18th)

Georgetown Hospital Update:
Georgetown had a Labor Day transplant for an O blood type individual.  Currently, for my A+ blood type, my transplant coordinator communicated that at a MELD of 24, is where Georgetown sees folks see offers come in.  Note that this is dependent of the quality of the livers.

Having said that, the following are some dates where I might know more:

Key Dates:
Friday October 2nd - The day I got engaged to Tessa!
Monday October 5th - Routine Lab tests (prior to MRI)
Monday October 5th - 11am - Flu Shot through work (recommended by my transplant coordinator)
Monday October 5th - 1pm - Pulmonologist visit (been having some trouble breathing but I think it's just related to Ragweed season)
Thursday October 8th - 8am - Teeth cleaning (worried that once the transplant goes down, I might be out for a while and not able to get them cleaned.)

Sunday October 11th - 8am - MRI with and without Contrast.  This is the big one.  Have the tumors spread, shrunk, stayed the same?

Friday October 30th - Chest CT to make sure there is no funny business in my lungs.

November 18th, MELD upgrade from 25 to 28?

Understanding the MELD breakdown:
In interpreting the MELD Score in hospitalized patients, the 3 month mortality is:
  • 40 or more — 71.3% mortality
  • 30–39 — 52.6% mortality
  • 20–29 — 19.6% mortality
  • 10–19 — 6.0% mortality
  • <9 — 1.9% mortality

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