Friday, June 26, 2015

06/26/2015 - MRI, CT, and Follow-up (Another TACE needed)

Hello Family!

Matt had another full day of follow up appointments today.  Thank you to Nana, Dad, and Mom for watching the kids!

We went to Georgetown early this morning as Whitey was scheduled for an MRI and CT scan.  We also had an appointment with his transplant Hepatologist this afternoon.

Good news:

1.  There are no new tumors in Whitey's liver. Yay!

2.  The 2 tumors are not bigger in size.  Yay!

3.  The smaller tumor *may* have gotten a little bit smaller in size after the TACE (chemo) procedure.  If so, it is only a teeny weeny bit smaller. The small tumor also used to have a rim around it, which signified that it was indeed a live tumor, and an artery was still feeding into it.  This rim is now no longer there, so the chemo definitely worked on it!  

4.  His CT scan of his lungs is still the same.  The same small nodules are there, but they still don't seem to be as concerned.  

Not so great news:

1.  His spleen is still enlarged.

2.  His platelets are still super low.

3.  The larger tumor is still being problematic.  The last TACE (chemo) procedure, it was not as successful.  The MRI still showed the rim around it, meaning that an artery is still feeding into the tumor, and it has not shrunk in size.  This could be for 2 reasons:  1.)  Another artery is feeding into it, keeping the tumor alive.   or 2.) There could be another lesion (tumor) growing on top of it.  Neither of these outcomes are great.

What's next?:

Whitey is unfortunately going to have to go in for another TACE procedure, and another round of chemo.  To review, this surgical procedure involves opening an artery in his leg, going up with a scope/camera to find the tumor(s), injecting it with a high dosage of chemo, and then plugging up the artery to ensure that the chemo stays in the tumor, and that the artery does not keep feeding into it.  

As you know, the last TACE procedure wasn't Whitey's favorite procedure.  His roommate situation was a DISASTER, as the roommate threw feces all over their shared room and bathroom.  Foul.  The next procedure will probably be the same, with an overnight stay... but hopefully not a horrible roommate.

We are aiming for the TACE/chemo to occur after we come back from July 4th holiday with friends at the beach in Long Beach Island!  We will firm up the date next week. The last time this occurred, we were gone from early morning Friday, and he was released Saturday afternoon. 



  1. Sending hugs and strength and love. I cannot believe you have to go through this again. It is unreal. You are clearly so strong, so optimistic, and so loved - as I can see from the way your family and friends are swooping in and showering you with love and hope. I am wishing only fantastic conclusions for you in this battle and I am thinking of you and your family. With love, Komal (Gautam's sister)

  2. Thanks Komal. Appreciate the words. Awesome picture of you and G with your Dad on the throw back several days ago.